James Cook

Artistic Director

Known For

Honoring each guest, connecting with them on a personal level; a wicked sense of humor and a bold passion for hair color and creativity 


Inspired By

Art, architecture and deeper conversations around design; any activity where he gets to create something – whether a tangible product or a vibrant new atmosphere 


His Mantra

Enjoy your life and the people around you.



Originally from Newport Beach, but raised in Yorba Linda; went to college, then got his cosmetology license after deciding he hated waiting tables & fell in love with hairdressing; advanced training and inspiration from Sassoon classes, Red Chocolate, Aveda Business College, Serious Business, Aveda Congress; more concerned with the future than the past – he’s educating himself and others for the future of the hair color industry


And For Fun

James appreciates the ocean and being close to or in the water as much as possible; also loves his dogs, Mr. and Dolly, Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain




Lux Salon

219 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92832

Monday 10am–8pm
Tuesday–Friday 10am–8pm
Saturday 8am–6pm
Sunday 10am–6pm

(714) 525 3337